Oct. 5, 2022

Reiki for the Wellness Warrior Within

Reiki for the Wellness Warrior Within

Are you ready to explore all things Reiki with Jennifer Rose Rossano, NeuroticMommy, Founder of MotherRealm, Reiki Master, and so much more? In this episode, I get to speak with my friend and Reiki mentor about just one of her many gifts and talents. So if you want to learn more about Reiki or are ready to amplify your practice, you'll want to tune in to this episode! Jenn's down-to-earth style, approachable energy, and enthusiasm for all things healing will captivate you from the moment she begins to share. Stay tuned... we are sure this successful entrepreneur will be on the mic FAR MORE, and we can't WAIT!

Check out the website for Jenn's full profile: https://www.wellnesswarriorcollectivepodcast.com

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Jennifer Rose Rossano

Author/ Founder of NeuroticMommy + MotherRealm

Hi, I'm Jenn, the lifestyle writer and content creator behind NeuroticMommy and MotherRealm. I'm a Spiritual Medium and Psychic, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist that specializes in Past Life & Womb Regression. I'm a Spiritual Teacher and I help people with deepening their connection to their own soul. I'm your best friend in the Spirit Realm and I help support you as you navigate the many layers of your own journey. I help you understand that healing comes from within and I'm your support guiding you closer on discovering your own healing abilities and giving you tools to open you up more to your own intuition and Higher Self. The journey is about stepping into your power with confidence, grace and ease all while setting clear and healthy boundaries. I offer monthly classes such as Reiki, Crystals 101 or Connecting to Your Spirit Guides and I offer live group guided meditations twice a month via Zoom.

On top of healing with my clients I run and online crystal shop called MotherRealm.

MotherRealm is a fair trade, ethically sourced crystal/metaphysical shop that offers online crystal shopping plus weekly live sales and unboxings.

All crystals are intuitively chosen by me and I clear, cleanse, and charge each crystal that has been hand selected.. I feels that the crystal chooses you and if you're drawn to a certain type of crystal, even if you're not familiar working with them, you're being guided to utilize its energy.

The same way you eat food to fuel or enhance your physical body, I feel that crystals are food for the soul. They come filled with magic and light to enhance us from our core and put us in alignment with the best version of ourselves.

Life is very busy to say the least because I'm also a wife, mom of two, and I homeschool